Hello, we are Black Mountain Cops LLC. Originally founded in 2014 and incorporated in 2021, I would like to invite you to be a part of our community. The goal for us has remained the same since our founding, to provide excellence in service. A little background about our namesake! We are so named “Black Mountain,” after a steep and arduous mountain, with a thick forested area of dark pines which gives it an almost ominous black look from afar. It rests as a significant piece of geography that also symbolizes the roughness and shadows of life, we all must go through.

To compliment this idea, “Corps” (pronounced: “kôr”… like “core”) was given in addition, representing those who dare to climb, experiencing the freedom that comes from such pursuits both in its plain meaning, as well as in the pursuits of life. This was chosen to symbolize the collective efforts of humanity in reaching the top of a mountain, from which one steps into light from out of the dark forest. Corps is defined as a body of persons acting together under a common direction.

Here at Black Mountain Corps, for us, it represents the unity of effort of both those who serve within the Company as well as those outside it who share a common vision of pursuit,  service, and professionalism. Grow ideas, collaborate, journey together and lets us help you reach new heights. I invite you to joins us and be a part of our community.